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  1. What is the best way to buy Fairfaix financial as a US stock holder? What are the considerations for the different shares?
  2. https://www.barrons.com/amp/articles/citi-preferred-stock-dividend-7a338456 this article talks about a citi preferred with some interesting characteristics, it was yielding 10%.
  3. I think it was 50-60 not 500-600. But I too cringed when I heard that. At some point they had one system, then 2…… I don’t understand how places just keep adding disjointed systems on top of each other, especially at a place like Berkshire. Really disappointing. In my past life I would come across so many SAP systems that had all these weird layers of software cobbles together half talking with either other.
  4. Anyone do the math to determine the buy back in April? I was surprised to see them buy so much at the $310 average in March.
  5. Kinda like how he slaughtered the Norfolk southern ceo on that interview in Japan.
  6. ‘you evaded that question beautifully’. Is how I viewed it
  7. That biggest problem with that wish is that Ajit doesn’t want that job. I hope he stay healthy and can work for another 20+ years.
  8. Do you have a link? I would be interested in listening.
  9. I interpolated his answer to be " I wanted to sell, but I didn't because I asked to join BAC years ago, so I will stick it out"
  10. Would Berkshire ever buy Tupperware? It seems like that is a brand that has been strugeeling for some time. My mother-in-law has a ton of there products from decades ago. They seem to really last, but the idea of selling things at Tupperware parties seems too old fashion and the Tupperware website has really high shipping cost. I don't know what pampered chef is up to, ( I have never purchased anything from them). But it seems like with such a similar model they could be combined. It would be a meaningless tuck-in acquisition. Since the stock price fell in half today I thought I would bring it up.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I didn't realize how low the deposit to loan ratio for PNC was in the last 3 years. I would have thought it was closer to the mid 80's and maybe it will be if deposits run.
  12. Who do you think will join the board in 10+ years? I am un aware of Brian Moynihan or Jamie Dimon owning shares in Berkshire, but would either of them be willing to join the board for $2,000 annually if they were no longer CEO at their bank and owned a nice chunk of stock?
  13. I am referring to the news releases like what pac west out out yesterday. I don’t believe any of that was required and I think telling people about your deposits daily/weekly is foolish. For those who want to scour the SEC website and look through 100 page 10k fine.
  14. Yeah, just about every private company. How many private CEOs are taking money out of their pocket to hire a ESG consultant? And hiring an outside risk manager?
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