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  1. more of: TCEHY NTDOY BOLSAA (Mexican Stock Exchange) PRX (Prosus) starter/small position in deep value play: ELVT (credit goes to Plum Capital:https://plumcapital.substack.com/p/plum-capital-post-1-elevate-credit)
  2. sold these week: MO BTI FREE Trimmed these week: MU To finance my larger BABA position.
  3. BABA followed Charlie in this Business. (Found it intressting bevor, but couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger... Thx Charlie)
  4. Try: outline.com Great site. Thanks Aurel! Works perfectly.
  5. Did you buy the ADR shares (SHIOF) or the ones trading in Japan? I bought the ones in japan. (8909)
  6. Going big on your first post! Welcome to the club :) Thank you, much appreciated :) True that, I like cloning great Investors.
  7. Full 10% new Position in Shinoken Group Co Ltd. 8909 (Japan)
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