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  1. International Petroleum Corporation $IPCO. It will generate $300m in FCF at current oil prices and its mcap is currently just over $740m. It will be debt free by Q2 2022. 70% discount to current NAV based on todays oil and you get 1 billion 2C for free
  2. Hi all, Probably sounds a bit desperate but what the heck...Brit here originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne. After a few hectic years in London working in investment banking and a then a private investment office, my wife and I have recently moved to Zurich. I am based centrally and am a full-time value investor (for the time being). I am always up for meeting new people so if there any fellow nerds in Zurich out there who fancy meeting for an informal drink, let me know. big Toon Army fan also so watching the footy also a plus. Cheers
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