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  1. VQS.TO following Connor Haley into this one
  2. Sold PCT. Was a speculative position and a mistake on my part in hindsight. Hindenburg's short report had very valid points.
  3. Yeah I saw that. TFSA rules allow you to buy foreign stocks, yet I can't buy them for a reasonable price at any Canadian broker... Doesn't really make sense to me.
  4. Sorry I noticed on Interactive Brokers you can't buy international stocks in a TFSA. Any brokers where you can with reasonable fees??
  5. What's the international trading fees? Is it in line with Canadian and US transactions?
  6. I'm a Canadian looking to buy International stocks (specifically on the LSE and TYO) in my TFSA. I'm currently with Questrade but they just said it's $195 to conduct a trade on an international exchange. I'm only looking to do small transactions ($1000-$2000) so its obviously not economical to me. Any Canadian brokers that have reasonable cost international trading? Thanks a lot!
  7. Just bought some PLBY and PCT. Both recently went public via SPAC, have wide moats, and have a lot of growth potential ahead.
  8. In my opinion, expecting post-Covid trending inflation to be 5% is a pipe-dream. Last 10 years Canada could barely crack 2%. Mix that with the demographics bust, debt levels, globalization, and increasing digital transformation, and I find it very hard to believe high inflation is coming back. This implies (assuming 8.25% nominal CAGR over the next decade again) a 6-7% real return on RE which is pushing it. That being said, one could also argue that low inflation means low rates can be sustained and therefore increased RE prices. Crazy times.
  9. Just bought some PSTH. The premium has come down significantly to a point where im comfortable paying it. Low downside.
  10. As a connoisseur of children's programming, I was shocked to learn how many brands and titles these guys own. I'm in WLDBF too, was gonna see if there was a thread and if not start one when I get time. They own 80% of Peanuts among others and have a really interesting vertical integration from content development through consumer products sales. Yep .. a really compelling monetisation story backed by strong execution (former Marvel executive), solid cash flows, really attractive multiple and lots of great kids content that is in demand by Netflix, DreamWorks and AppleTV+ besides one of the largest presence on YT. And a tight float to boot. I like the runway here for sure. Kids content much better for product sales. Their YouTube channels do insane numbers. I like the CEO's focus on quality over quantity for new content creation. Do you guys know where I can find a write-up or can you start a thread on the company? Always interested in Canadian small-caps. Thanks!
  11. Can you share any compelling writeups that you've come across? Hey, here's a podcast episode going into the details of the company and the investment case. Basically its just a really cheap telecom company with 100-200% upside and a heavily incentivized CEO to unlock that value.
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