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  1. Tidefall Q3 Letter...RE: Fairfax https://tidefall.substack.com/p/q3-2021-letter
  2. How many of you folks have seen this? lol...I mean the first rule when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging...and his responses afterwards on twitter are 100% cringe...especially the fact he got someone to film him in his lambo giving a middle finger to his "trolls".
  3. Sold out of TD and WFC positions (initiated in the last two years). Still hold a sizeable position of BAC...holder since 2012 with small tranche sells along the way sprinkled with a few buys as well.
  4. I have been trying out TIKR and TOGGLE AI....I've never had access to a Bloomberg Terminal so I can't say much on the comparison side.
  5. I've traded in and out of BABA profitability over the last 8-10 months. At these current prices, I wanted to establish a position again but decided to go the weaker route. Bought units in a broad emerging markets index fund...happy to add to it over time. Offers more diversification, exposure to all the beaten down names and a decent yield.
  6. Bought the open and added to some old existing positions. STOR, AX-UN and shares in GOOG and AMZN. While nice to see a down day can't say things are cheap across the board but I'm comfortable adding shares here and there to existing positions while keeping some dry powder.
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