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  1. Interesting. I see the expense ratio is 0.35% for XES. However I assume they chop and change stocks all the time so there must be a loss in there for all the trading. Do you have an idea what this expense is?
  2. I use IG Sharedealing. They are quite good. Not as good as IB but 0.3% on forex and cheap transaction costs. Only downside is you don't get dividend notes. However I have got on very well with them. A lot more simple interface than IB and I find there customer service quite good.
  3. Buying more lsxmk/a yesterday
  4. I don't know about anyone else but I don't know whether I could read 14 hours per day. I currently do 5/6 hours a day and I find that full plenty. I need time to think the ideas through. I found when I tried reading a lot more than my 5/6 hours I can't think if that makes any sense I just keep trying to push facts in. Maybe it is just the way I am wired up. Also one of the things I thought about Buffett's biography was how sad it was that he didn't have any time for his family. I mean he is a very smart guy and would surely have been extremely wealthy working 8 hours a day and having a family life? Same with watching Coombs. I mean if he seriously does that everyday its pretty sad I think as it just cannot leave much time at all for family. I love reading, I love investing, I love work but I don't want it to become absolutely everything in life. Maybe this will be my downfall as an investor and far be it for me to criticize 3 of the best investors there are. I am sure it works for them. It just seems a bit crazy to me. Surely you have to some outside interests as well??
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