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  1. Ignoring valuation, what about Palantir? PLTR
  2. Nothing comes for free and life is not fair. All I need to know is that that I'm paying less then 10c buying 2 shares APPL using PFOF vs. flat fee. It’s almost free. I mean no disrespect but I don't need to be an Einstein to understand order flow Or, care about it either for my 2 shares of trading I’m not advocating for Robinhoold. They should've disclosed it better about order flow and not say completely *free*; however, they provided a platform for many retail investors to learn about stock market, trading and so forth. Now every brokerage is following their model. They deserved to be praised not just vilified. That's my argument.
  3. Well.. I think paying a cent for buying 1 shares of Apple is much better then paying a flat commission. For average retail investor with limited capital, Robinhood's model is nothing to complain about. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payment_for_order_flow#:~:text=Payment for order flow (PFOF,been called a "kickback". Payment for order flow (PFOF) refers to the compensation, as much as 1 penny per share, that a stockbroker receives from a market maker in exchange for the broker routing its clients' trades to such market maker.
  4. Robinhood pioneered commission-free trading. They are the first online brokerage to do so. Is it not? unlike 20 free trade when you open an account with us type deal
  5. He is certainly bearish. However, he was not bearish when he bought delta on 2nd march so his view changed rather quickly within a month. That is not quite like buffet. He may be right to be bearish and reminding the "depression". This virus can be contained (e.g. China, Korea etc.). As soon as there is a mass testing capability, which I think is not too far in the future, things might change rather rapidly. Gilead drug is promising. Vaccine can come our way rather quickly too. Comparing 30s to now is like comparing a kid to an adult who has a matured brain (technology) and an immunity to a shock (fed/govt monitory & fiscal policy). It’s a fact that the world economy is much matured now vs then, and as such, recovery time gets compressed (30s, 70s, 00 and 08 ). BRK is my largest holding, and his decision to be cautious is warranted given his investor base; however, Mr. Buffett is not always right on his assessments, as can be seen from last few years of his investment’s decisions.
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