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  1. Embassy now under siege and oil drops a buck. Never a dull moment. Hope all the Americans stay unharmed. This will be a tough situation for Trump to navigate with Iraq PM turning on us
  2. Now Iraq chaos is brewing. This middle east powder keg is getting worse.
  3. Iran might be playing "if we go down, everyone goes down" in relation to the economies. Iran may calculate that a spiking oil price could easily lead to world recession. Historic low rates and spiking consumer gas prices is a dangerous combination. Iran may play that card.
  4. This could be the big one, the ME meltdown, the 100 oil situation. Would fit a bad situation with lowering rates and no inflation. Oil spikes coincide with recessions. Feds are running out of tools. Iran may be taking the rest of the world with it
  5. I also think that even if they were on the prowl, they would not publicly say that. They would say, "hey, we are perfectly happy buying back shares". If they are homing in on an asset they want to play coy
  6. What did you make of that huge volume day earlier in the week? 12M shares. Only down a little and $4 held very strong. Came off to me that they might be getting ready to purchase something. They are very shareholder friendly, and think major shareholders have a real say at the table. Therefore, if they were going to make a large purchase, it would be run by the largest shareholders. Maybe one or two did not like it, and but others fully support, and lots of shares changed hands. Just speculation. Very high volume day on no news. Combine that with the mentality that we do not need oil anymore. I agree that the next decade should be a good wake up call for these young generations. Not sure what the wake up call will look like but it will have a lot to do with energy, growth, debt and interest rates. Look at gold.... Faith in the fiat money is dropping with the fear of the printing presses coming back on. Commodities are the true scarce supply.
  7. Iran takes out one of our drones in international waters.... Iran seems determined to taunt us into doing something. I imagine Trump does not like to be taunted but election year is coming, and the politics of entering a conflict on the heels of him abandoning the treaty is not good. Iran knows that. Problem is, they simply will not stop disrupting, and without intervention, they will take oil price with them
  8. Four ships damaged by some sabotage attack in the ME. Oil starts up 3%, ends down 1% for 4% move today. US/CHINA trade risk > ME shipping risk.
  9. Still a buyer's strike in Canadian Oil & Gas unless you are a major. Investment is too risky considering WTI volatility, national incompetence, and management teams that are often not shareholder orientated.
  10. Saudi's getting aggressive. Be no reason for Russia not to follow suit. They already said they will go with the consensus. So it looks like a cut is almost guaranteed. I think there is some relation dynamics to this as well. The Khashoggi killing evidence is looking worse and worse for the Saudis. Seems to me that there will no choice but to hold them accountable in some way. US will likely act together with allies. Mid term elections are over, US will be forced to lay the hammer on Saudi... I think this spells higher oil prices as the Saudi's will now get aggressive with prices.
  11. Man, all this stuff is right over my head. This board is "value investor's haven" right? Can't believe no one is discussing specific names in the upstream Canadian oil. 2019 cashflow vs EV is insane. That is you believe these differentials are temporary due to refinery turn around. Finally the egress issues are getting publicity. Just in time for the FED to pretend to care. Maybe they do something material and take credit for "saving everything"
  12. Almost the only way to seems to extract value.... Shareholders are getting impatient and the hostile ones know it. My poor OBE is a good example. What a scene....
  13. They already did: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201809091067873831-kirkuk-daesh-explosion-iraq/ Daesh militants have blown up an oil pipeline in the Kirkuk province in northern Iraq, Rudaw reported, citing head of Kurdish security forces Idris Rafaat.
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