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  1. More FB (2 weeks ago). CACC. BP. VZ.
  2. I dont think I was implying free...
  3. I have my comfortable niche, but when i venture out its hard for me to find new gems. More importantly, it would be nice If there was a site that only focused on best of breed of every industry. To be more specific companies that have proprietary products or services, etc. Sometimes Its not always represented in stock screeners (which I havent used in years) Including Small and medium caps, and obviously not the obvious ones like Visa and google of credit cards and search.. maybe it's more obscure industries, or maybe they are not in an industry. Some companies provide a services that no one knows about.. For example, I discovered Jack henry and associates a few months ago... Thoughts on a site or service that focuses on these type of companies? Thank you
  4. I still find it relevant... I have to admit our site was proactive in discussing the dangers of covid months in advance to the major decline.. I am fairly new to the site and I get plenty of responses to my questions and intelligent thought. Hopefully i can add value from time to time. Thank you
  5. Yes, ive also noticed MSN money, google, and yahoo have completely destroyed their finance pages!! I dont think we can rely on those anymore for solid 'alerts' so i guess it makes sense to use a brokerage or a paid website like valueline. But, I guess it depends on how or if they alert you to price triggers..
  6. Hello Everyone, Im been a follower for many years and ill be attempting to add more comments going further. I was curious to know what everyone uses to watch their favorite companies. I think most of us have at least 100 companies that we would love to own one day but price keeps us on the sidelines. Thus, being patience and waiting for the right price can be very lucrative. However, its hard to keep up with so many companies and being on top of the 52 week low. So, my question is what does everyone use for a watchlist and being alerted to low prices? I prefer the cheap websites. I have some experience with yahoo but dont like it very much. Thanks
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