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Top Managers in Their Respective Industries


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I want to start aggregating a list of top managers in their respective industries


Cable/Content/TV - John Malone

Asset Management - Buffet, Munger

Real Estate - Stuart Tanz - Retail Opportunity Investment Corp (ROIC)

Oil and Gas - The team at Awilco Drilling

Fashion and Apparel - Phil Knight

Retail - Sam Walton

Industry Rollout Specialist - Bradley Jacobs (XPO Logistics, United Rental, United Waste Systems)







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Is this intended to create a list of existing and new candidates for The Outsiders?


This is one of the toughest questions I've struggled with over the last year, as these opportunities create incredible long-term investments, but they are frequently most obvious after the fact, and excluding periods of market turmoil, it's nearly impossible to acquire interests for what I tend to think are reasonable prices.


How does convince themselves they've found the next Henry Singleton?

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