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Business lessons from Sony music entertainment


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Morris calls the incident his “favorite” mistake because it taught him a lesson about “how to really get the best out of an album and my own mistake, which I was happy to acknowledge because I was so wrong,” he said.


The approach to obstacles sets Morris apart. “People make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes,” he said. “As long as the mistakes aren’t intentional, there’s no reason to be upset by them.”


This attitude, coupled with his interest in treating employees well, has given Morris an uncommon ability to hire and develop executive talent.


“You want to set an example by always being there, and then you want to make them feel proud of their accomplishments,” he said. “You want to overpay them a little bit. But the truth is, you want to create an environment where people are motivated, are happy. There is no yelling in this company. The idea is never to give anyone a bad night, any reason to worry about Monday. That’s really important.”

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