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Sam Antar in jail for a second time?


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Sam Antar was charged with taking $225,000 from an investor in January 2011 so he could purchase electronics equipment he purportedly planned sell at a mark-up through an Eatowntown company called S&H Closeouts LLC, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.


Instead, federal prosecutors said, Antar took the money and used it to gamble and buy stock options.


I'm not sure how true this is.  I couldn't find any other sources that say this.  New Jersey has a system that shows court cases.  A "Sam Antar" appears three times for very small cases (a few thousand or less).


The case above probably would have gone through the 'united states district court southern district of new york'.  I don't have access to PACER / don't know how to use it.

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This is a different Sam Antar. There's like 3 in the family. But this is NOT the Sam Antar that criticizes OSTK. It is Crazy Eddies' nephew, OSTK Sam Antar is his cousin.


The article says the Sam Antar that got arrested is 37 years old. The OSTK Sam Antar started college in 1975. http://www.linkedin.com/in/samantar?_mSplash=1



So unless he got admitted to university as a fetus, I think it's a different Sam Antar.

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2 hours ago, OracleofCarolina said:



which Sam Antar is this? Crazy story...gambled over 29 million in nine months??/sheesh...


Nephew I believe.  He's Sam A. Antar...the criminal CPA was Sam E. Antar.  All shitbags!  Cheers!

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