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is there anyone else going to next years meeting that has not been there in years?

we went in 1998 1999 2000

i arranged the parties for the Yellow Brk Club in those years.

i met Susie Buffett and Warren in 1998.

i had a surprise party for Susie Buffett in 1998.

Warren came too, i didn't expect him to come.

i was nice tho and didn't kick him out.

saw them again in 99 and 2000.

met Andy Kilpatrick in 1998 also.

i begged him to put my picture with Warren in his book.

so he did  but i had to plead.

met some other authors also.

never met Bill Gates.

i guess i can't bribe Gates with money.



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Hi Marlin,


First time I was at a Yellow BRK'ers meeting was in 2001 at the invitation of my friend John Zemanovich...changed my life!  Incidentally, that was where I first met Warren, Little Susie, Sherrie, Mohnish, Dr. Ajay Desai, Farmer Lyle, et al.  I remember Warren talked for about 25 minutes or so that year.  The following year I met Andy and Pat Kilpatrick.  It was also the first time I saw a Netjets display at Eppley.  I first met and spoke with Ajit Jain in 2004...when I also had a lovely long chat with See's Chairman Chuck Huggins.  Then in 2005, I remember taking this young fellow around everywhere who had forgotten his credentials...his name was something like Shai Dardashti or something...maybe you've heard of him!  ;D  The last Yellow Brk'ers meeting I attended was the one where Sherrie handed over the reins to Shai, and then Mohnish spoke a bit about John Gartmann who passed away...I believe it was the 2006 meet.  I haven't been back since starting the company and investment funds, but will be going next year.  Really looking forward to it.  Haven't seen some friends in a while...the excitement, the hoopla, listening to Buffett & Munger.  The only thing I don't miss is the mad dash for seats at the Qwest Arena.  See you then! 

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