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Home Next To Buffett's Is For Sale!


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He had a house there he bought in the '60s I believe, then he bought an adjacent house for guests.

I believe he mentioned selling the adjacent home at an AGM 3-5yrs ago (he quickly figured out the replacement cost of the home, backed it out of the sale price and figured out the price paid per acre of land, which was rather irrational).

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The market value of my house (owned a long time) is less than what it would cost to rebuild.  So my land value is negative, I guess.  For some strange reason, my neighbour does not agree with my arithmetic, and refuses to accept my offer of $1.00 for his land.  Even though the calculation shows he would be the net gainer on the transaction.  Perhaps we can set up a derivative to value everything properly.  He can then take the profit into his annual bonus.

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