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Paul Desmarais Sr., of Power Corp. dynasty, dies at 86


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A great entrepreneur just left us:




Buffett Loses to Desmarais as Power Exceeds Return - Bloomberg 2009




Paul Desmarais: A kingmaker expounds - Globe and Mail 2008




Power Corp. shows Buffett how it's done - Globe and Mail 2011




Paul Desmarais Sr. rare interview (in French)





"You need a strategy, but it must be flexible, it is the instinct that tells us when to change strategy. Both are important but we can't have one without the other."


" Il faut avoir une stratégie, mais il faut qu'elle soit souple, c'est l'instinct qui nous dit quand il faut changer de stratégie. Les deux sont importants mais on ne peut pas avoir l'un sans l'autre. "

Paul Desmarais Sr.


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