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Google Ads - Interesting targeting.


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$1,023,174.93 In 26 Days?

Chuck Hughes Official Site. $10,000 Minimum. Fully Guaranteed.



WOW! That ought to appeal to members of this board!


Sorry Sanj. It just made me laugh. I have no problem ignoring the ads and hope that they generate some funds for the board. I might just click it a few times to "take one for the team".





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That's a funny one.  The other one that keeps popping up is the one with the picture of the lady in the hat...Amy Calistri...she also made a fortune in a very short period of time.


The one thing that I find interesting is actually Google's ad marketing.  While we do often see some ads that are of little interest, I'm actually surprised by how many I see that are more interesting and pleasant to read.  No wonder they rule the online ad market.  Cheers!

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