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Pabrai Presentation at ISB Hyderabad


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Prasad, thanks for posting this fantastic talk.


Are you the person that Mohnish refers to in the talk - the fund manager he talks to periodically (based on Munger's advise)?





No, that would be Guy Spiers. 


The only guy who talks to me periodically is this bald guy that keeps showing up in my bathroom mirror!  I don't know how he knows exactly what time I wake up each day...but he's there...nice chap.  Even has a goatee like me!  Cheers!

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Just finished watching all 3 of the videos. Very good. Thanks for posting, Sanj.


I was looking through his 13F to see his BAC exposure. From what I can tell, he bought it in Q3 of 2011 and then sold about 69% of in in Q4 2011 just to buy all of it back and more in Q1 of 2012. Any idea what happened here? Was this tax loss harvesting or something else?

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