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Fairfax Establishes Scholarships at Douglas College!


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I always thought Prem must have some sort of special affinity for British Columbia, since his "Sixty Three" holding company was registered in BC many years ago.  I have to ask him exactly what his reasons for doing so were next time I see him. 


Anyway, imagine my surprise, or lack of surprise, that Fairfax has established two $3,500 scholarships at BC's own Douglas College!  He must have a soft-spot for our rainforests or Kokanee beer!  ;D


Kudos Prem and Fairfax!  Cheers!



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Some of the other scholarships offered by Fairfax:


- Dalhousie (Nova Scotia)

- UVIC (another BC connection) - $5,000

- Red River College (Manitoba) - $3,500

- University of Toronto (Ontario)

- University of Alberta (Alberta) - $5,000

- Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada - up to 60 $3,500 scholarships granted each year (not sure if it includes the other scholarships)


Wonderful!  Cheers!

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