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Looking For Anyone Who Wants Exposure For Their Writing!


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I'm revamping the homepage.  I know there are a lot of great board members on here, including professionals who want to get their name out there or even simply need to vent on a subject.  On the new homepage, there is a high profile space that I was going to use for my own blogging, but I decided that people hear me enough on the message board!  ;D 


Would anyone here be interested in writing something once in a while or really whenever you feel like it?  I will post it on the homepage and hopefully your comments or business will get some traction.  I'm not looking for any payment for you to put your writing on there, and I won't be paying you either!  But there are managers, analysts, etc. out there who want to get their names out there, and there are even people who simply have something worthwhile to say because they need to vent or are frustrated. 


If so, contact me at cornerofberkshireandfairfax@gmail.com.  Cheers!

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