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website resources/screeners?


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I hope this isn't violating any of the site rules. I was running some stingy stock research today and I ran into a pretty cool little screener which does some nice scraping for prelim research.  Im not sure who runs the site, but it is worth checking it out for you Grahamites out there.





Then when you enter individual securities tickers it scrapes insider data, and all sorts of useful info. 




With that in mind, what other sites are you using to speed up your preliminary research?


-Grahaminvestor is great for US netnets.


-Gurufocus is solid for 10 yr financials.


-Magicformula is a pretty awesome starting place, but you dont get to see the underlying EV/EBIT etc info. which is a pain.


http://www.magicdiligence.com/mfiscreens.php is solid




Obviously all the blogs are great.


Walkers manual


What do you use before hitting the actual 10K/Qs  (other than on here of course)?



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