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Try Living on $500K a Year - So Tough!


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My favorite paragraph from the NYT story is:


Few are playing sad cellos over the fate of such folk, especially since the collapse of the institutions they run has yielded untold financial pain. But in New York, where a new study from the Center for an Urban Future, a nonprofit research group in Manhattan, estimates it takes $123,322 to enjoy the same middle-class life as someone earning $50,000 in Houston, extricating oneself from steep bills can be difficult.


So, the $500K President Obama wants to pay these folks then translates into a little over $200K/year in Houston. Well, I live in Dallas which is like a less humid Houston with too many northerners (myself being a northener as well) and one can live pretty damned well on $200K/year. VERY damned well.



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