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Trust Preferred Securities


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One of the fixed income sites that I like to use is :  www.quantumonline.com


The TRuPs section only has like a 2 paragraph primer, but it has a nice list of the major TRuPs that are available, their credit rating, dividend, redemption/retraction/exchange rules, etc.


Hope that helps a bit,



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If anyone has a primer on these securities, could you please pass it along?


Sorry for the low content thread, but I am looking into one of these and would appreciate any resources someone could point me to.


My recollection is there was a good, but short (few pages or so), description in the Charles Johnson and Joseph McLaughlin Corporate Finance treatise. I am sure it's a very expensive book but perhaps it's available at a library or if you work for a bank or something it might be on site somewhere. In the alternative I would suggest finding the prospectus for a public trups which should provide some good background.

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A couple of short articles I found:








If you register for a free JSTOR account you can access this article "Debt-Equity Hybrid Securities" from The Journal of Accounting Research, or potentially find it at your local public or academic library:




When I am looking for stuff like this that may be in Journals I will usually use Google Scholar and then try to track down the articles from a Library. For example:  http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&q=trust+preferred+securities&btnG=&as_sdt=1%2C48&as_sdtp=

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