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Does anyone have experience with this site as a means to emulate some of the more lauded investors in a relatively tight time window....?


I have used it for coat-tailing.  If I like a company at a certain price and the price is below what a Guru (or two or three!) has purchased on average, then it serves to validate the idea (I know I know - cheery consensus!) and more particularly that I'm buying at a discount to the Guru's calculated Margin of Safety.  Either it's a good idea at a great price or we are all wrong.  As far as tight time windows go . . . well there's no telling how long it takes to reach fair value.

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I use http://www.dataroma.com/m/home.php to track the handful of "gurus" I think are worth watching closely.  It's a very nice site and best of all...free.  If you want to know as soon as a new filing is out you can setup an RSS feed of SEC filings for a particular fund.  For example if you wanted to keep tabs on Bruce Berkowitz you could create an RSS feed for Fairholme Capital Management.  As soon as a new filing is listed it will popup in your RSS reader of choice.

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Guest wellmont

13f is not a tight time window. use the sec to monitor 13g and 13d filings. 13f monitoring can be useful in flat to down markets. not in rising markets. the articles on gurufocus often are very good.

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