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Great South American Investors


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Does anyone know any great investors in South America, specifically Colombia and/or Chile?  It seems like we're inundated with US fund manager info/holdings but don't see much about value investors in South America.  Anyone have thoughts?  Thanks!


There comes "Eike Batista" to my mind, he is a Brazilian billionaire who made a fortune in mining, oil and gas exploration.




After spending his childhood in Brazil, Batista and his family moved to Europe when he was a teenager, due to his father’s occupation. They lived in Geneva, Düsseldorf, and Brussels. In 1974, he began to study metallurgical engineering at the University of Aachen in Germany. When he was 18 years old, his parents returned to Brazil, yet Batista remained abroad and began selling insurance policies door-to-door to make his living. In interviews, he often mentions that the "stress" and the lessons learned from this experience were essential for his education.

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