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FFH 2008 Annual Report


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Did anyone get a hard copy of FFH 2008 annual report? I did not get from my brokerage firm so I sent letter to FFH but still did not get one. I followed up with another letter to FFH but still there is no response.


FFH website has this statement


Shareholders may request a copy of our audited financial statements free of charge by writing to the Corporate Secretary at

95 Wellington Street West

Suite 800

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5J 2N7


Is this address correct? Anyone has a suggestion on how to get a printed copy of 2008 AR?





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Hi Vinod,


I just talked to Fairfax and you don't have to even send a letter to request an annual report.  You can call reception (416) 367-4941, say that you would like to request a copy of the 2008 annual report because you didn't receive one from your broker, and they will happily mail one out to you after getting your mailing information.  Hope that helps!  Cheers!

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