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Prem's thoughts on retirement


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Has anyone heard or read anything about Prem's thoughts on retirement and succession planning? I'm hoping he's in the Buffett camp where since he loves what he's doing he'll be working as long as possible (hopefully a very very long time!).


On the investment side it's quite a bit different than BRK in the sense that HWIC seems to work more as a team (though I'm not terribly familiar with their process), whereas Buffett basically works alone. From a succession planning standpoint, this is definitely a plus relative to BRK.

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i bet you he gives the same answer as Buffet....these guys don't quit...why would they?


Prem won't quit unless something physically or mentally stops him.  He loves his family, but lives for Fairfax!  Like Buffett, his life's work and ego are completely tied to his company...not to mention his family's fortune.  Cheers!

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