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As Boom Lures App Creators, Tough Part is Making a Living


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I believe that Apple has put a lot of effort into attracting developers to its platform.  If you see articles in the newspaper about app creators making a lot of money... it is probably because of Apple's PR efforts.


Paul Graham explains the world of PR here:


(Basically... PR firms write articles and hope that newspaper journalists reprint them.)


2- There is a HUGE demand for app developers right now.  If you work for somebody else, you can make a decent living as a programmer.  A lot of corporations are getting onto the mobile app (and social networking) bandwagon.  A lot of software firms making good money from the bandwagon making custom apps.  Eventually I think that most companies will realize that apps don't generate a positive return on investment for them.


There is a shortage of Mac and iOS developers because of the app craze.  Nobody teaches Objective-C or iOS or Mac development in universities so there are very few developers with that skillset out there.  Some developers with Mac desktop development skills are being siphoned away to make apps.

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