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2012 Annual Letter


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Lets all invest in paragon he references warren buffet!


You know what?  I was one of the first guys to think he could not do this...probably another guy who writes a book, starts a fund, tries to do a turnaround and increase shareholder value...you know, the usual Buffett playbook that every young manager aspires to follow.


Well, he's surprised me already.  I think he's done a great job at Paragon so far.  Doesn't mean much yet, but kudos to Sham for getting to where he is now!  He's already saved the company, which would have gone under in another couple of years, and that's saved alot of money for shareholders, as well as some jobs, homes, college plans and just basic living for employees.


If it means I have to put up with more books before these young guys even get a job...so be it...I'm a curmudgeonly, grumpy old 40 something!  ;D  They could be out there torching cars and rioting after a Stanley Cup loss...instead, they are aspiring to be more using a role model we all admire.  I'll be really watching to see what he does now, and once again, congratulations to Sham on doing a good job and following his dreams.  Cheers! 

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