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2 berkshire articles on bloomberg - 1on MidAmerican and other on Johns Manville


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Buffett Power Unit Targets Renewables for Acquisitions


“We believe renewables is the better investment right now” because utilities are too expensive, MidAmerican’s Goodman said in an interview today at an Edison Electric Institute conference in Phoenix. “As a cash buyer, we will be looking at utilities if pricing comes in a bit.”


MidAmerican has sought opportunities to reinvest its cash and highlighted that it has more funds available to service debt and build its business because it doesn’t pay a dividend. The power provider also has access to capital from Omaha, Nebraska- based Berkshire, which holds a 90 percent stake.





Berkshire Replaces Raba as Buffet Sees Housing Rebound




Todd Raba, 55, will “relinquish” his position as chairman and CEO of Johns Manville, the Denver-based company said today in a statement. Mary Rhinehart, 54, who has served as chief financial officer, was named CEO, effective immediately, the unit of Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire said.



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