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Across Cornbelt, Farmland Prices Keep Soaring


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“What’s a C.D. at the bank? Half a percent,” said Clark Wadle, who attended the auction. “What’s the stock market? Unstable. Whether land prices go up or they go down again, you still have the property.”


And we all know it doesn't work that way in the stock market. If the stock drops, you have nothing!

Oh wait...



Anyway, prices here are much higher than $10,600/acre. But I guess a lot depends on the country, commodity & prices, government subsidies, ...

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I think I'll suggest to my mom to think a little more seriously about selling a piece of ground they have talked about selling for a few years.  Probably won't do any good.


Maybe it'll be an opportunity to buy cheap a few years from now like Buffett did back in the 80's.

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