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Carney Strengthens Bias to Raise Rates as Debt Risk Grows


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Canada seems to be the outlier of most developed nations...most likely going to tighten monetary policy going forward.  Cheers!



Its not going to happen - and if it does it will be short lived just like the last time he tried this. Its dumb posturing. If its the real estate market they are trying to put the brakes on there are better ways than trying to do something so counter intuitive as to throw a higher tax on already strapped consumers. I remember the last time he ventured into jacking the rates up I told my friend "this wont last long - he will have to reverse course very soon" and he did.


Consumers are over debted and thats no ones fault but there own however this debt was accumulated in the crazy high flying "goldilocks years" thinking increasing rates will help the problem in this employment environment is non sensical imo. The low interest rates and QEs are the only thing saving the already strapped from more bankruptcy.

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