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New Homepage and Ben Graham Exchange


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Hi Folks,


I've made a couple of changes to Corner of Berkshire & Fairfax.  The first is that we have a new home page at www.cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca.  It's cleaner and less blog-like.  The old link of www.cornerofberkshireandfairfax.com will now redirect to the new homepage.  Basically, the new homepage is just for me to post a few key stories from time to time, as well as any interviews we do.


On the right hand side of the homepage, you'll find a few links.  One is to Berkshire, and another to Fairfax, since the board is named after the two of them.  Another link leads to this Investor Message Board, which will continue to run exactly as it is.  The new addition is the Ben Graham Exchange.  


After a boardmember here wanted to sell his Kindle to another value investor who would appreciate it, I thought about all the Berkshire and Fairfax memorabilia I have.  That if I ever wanted to get rid of it, I would want it to go to another value investor who really cared about what it was.  I thought about all the annual reports that people are always looking for, as well as various books people seek out on value investing.  As such, I decided to create this free classifieds for anyone who wants to buy or sell stuff to other value investors, but I don't want those posts cluttering up this board.  


So if you are looking for a specific Berkshire annual report you are missing, feel free to put up an ad on there.  The one request is that no photocopies of copyright material are allowed on there...so no selling copied Buffett Partnership Letters.  It's still in the beta phase, so there are a bunch of kinks that probably need to be worked out.


Also in the past, I've had requests from investment managers looking for analysts, or people looking for investment management positions.  I thought I would add a category where these ads could go in there, which would faciliate value-minded professionals to find other value-minded professionals, as it is a very small group.  Hopefully, some of our boardmembers can find industry-related work with great people.  Cheers!

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