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Daniel Loeb's Third Point 3rd Qtr Letter -> AIG


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Third Point's Loeb bets big, and wins, on Greek debt


Hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb built a major position in distressed Greek government bonds in September, according to a monthly report he sent to his investors


In that letter the $9.3 billion hedge fund had told investors "we anticipate Europe's dysfunctional capital markets to continue generating a steady stream of similar eventdriven, attractive ideas for us to incorporate into our portfolio."







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thank you for posting! We had already talked about Third Point’s investment in AIG, do you remember?


It has been a few days since your last post… where have you been?! Don’t leave us without your thoughtful ideas! ;)




I remember,... but that was almost some 3 weeks ago...


Now Daniel Loeb's new letter as of October 3rd has some interesting new write-up about AIG.


Coming to your second question, where I have been,...

well, that I wonder myself,... sometimes life keeps me occupied, that I wonder a few days thereafter how fast time flies,... and you say,... only a few days. Well, a least I make all my investments the way that they could run on autopilot and I could take some midday nap like Mohnish does. I wouldn't like the hassle to look at the ticker tape each hour. In the past few days,... I was occupied with an overload of other work. But thanks, for your nice worries,... I'm surprised that I'm so much needed here.


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