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Good Article On Bill Gross


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pimco has some of the best macro-economic commentary on its wesite going, esp by gross & el-erian. some day i'm going to break down & purchase a couple of their books. any recommendations?


i love the way this article ends:


<<AT a lunchtime meeting this past spring at Pimco, executives tell Mr. Gross that they’re worried about the fallout the firm will face if it receives a financial windfall as part of P.P.I.P.


“The risk is that you have a Congress with a populist bug,” Mr. McCulley says.


Dan Ivascyn, another of the firm’s managing directors, agrees. “I think there is a risk that we’re going to get criticized,” he says. “I think Pimco could get roughed up.”


“I think there is a much bigger chance of us getting roughed up personally,” says Scott Simon, head of Pimco’s mortgage-backed securities team.


Finally, Mr. Gross weighs in.


“So what are you saying?” he asks. “If we fail, we’ll get the shaft, and if we succeed, we’ll get the shaft?” >>


yup, its a sign of the times.



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