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?? Presentations, Conferences, etc. in New York City ??


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Hey guys,


I recently moved to New York City and I'm wondering if anyone knows a good website or two which would list upcoming investor presentations, conferences and the like??


You know, things like "The Goldman Sachs Bank conference" or some such.


Also, anything I should know about gaining entry or getting access.



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Columbia Investment Management annual conference.


In the past years I think registration has been open to the public.  Not sure if it still is.


There is a NY Society of Security Analysts. They have a lot of events.



Not sure if this is what you are looking for.


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Yeah...thanks...this is the kind of thing I was looking for.


This type of thing and anything that relates to presentations / conferences on different sectors -- for example, didn't Prem present at an insurance conference in Toronto recently?  I'm looking for a website that might list such upcoming event in NYC.


Thanks for your thoughts.

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visit the websites of the various brokerage houses in NY, Jefferies, FoxPitt Kelton, Credit Suisse, etc.. as they are the ones that usually host various company presentations in various sectors. Entry is not a problem. In today's economy, just say you are representing a private investor and they'll most likely let you in.

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