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Taxpayers Reaping Some Rewards For Bailouts


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We'll see what happens long-term, but so far so good for some of the taxpayer bailouts.  Cheers!




While it may be looking like a good thing thus far, what are the political repercussions in the future? By this I mean, do we really want the government to invest in the markets? Any successes that they have (despite the fact that they did so out of 'necessity'), may send the wrong message to the paper pushers in power. If this works out, the government might feel that it should start choosing winners and losers, instead of leaving that up to the millions of investors out there...


Heck, what if the government starts openly investing on margin? I say openly, because, any investment they make now, involves the issuance of some debt (after all, we in the US are trying our best to hit a 2 TRILLION dollar deficit this year!)


Sorry for getting political, but I couldn't resist.

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