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How Herb Greenberg Turned On Barry Minkow


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Herb Greenberg has suddenly turned over a new leaf, and has started to distance himself from Sam Antar and Barry Minkow.  Here he writes a piece on how Minkow was paid $300K by Herbalife in a settlement to stop harassing the company. 




Greenberg had lunch with Antar and Minkow back in 2007 and wrote an article on Marketwatch:




He also vehemently defended Minkow when Minkow was shorting and harassing USANA a long time ago.  All of that stopped once Minkow was convicted and sent to jail again.  Herb, you oily, slick weasel...keep hanging around the dumpster, and eventually you'll completely turn into a rat!  Cheers! 


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So the October Surprise is a very real possibility, much to delight of journalists like myself. But before rejoicing we in the media should take a deep breath. These same law enforcement sources investigating insider trading among Wall Street fat cats and other corporate titans are also looking at the alleged improprieties of a major journalist who covers stocks.


We can only hope!

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