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Interesting article about online retailer Wayfair


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Thanks so much for posting the link to the article.  It was very interesting.  I posted about Wayfair on this board back in 2010 (when they were still CSN Stores) as a retailer to watch.  For as big as they are and as fast as they are growing, most people still haven't heard about them.  Here was my post from 2010....


Re: Overstock Declares War on Online Retail

« Reply #21 on: November 02, 2010, 10:09:18 AM »


If I were to pick an online retailer to watch out for, it would be csnstores.com.  I believe it is privately held.


I recently built a new house and ended up making many online purchases for the house (fireplace, ceiling fans, plumbing fixtures, porch swing, etc.).  I had never heard of CSN before, but stumbled upon their website as I searched for things.  They have a very broad selection of products and their prices were consistently lower than most other retailers (traditional or online only, including overstock).  I also found that they had excellent customer service.

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