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Managing money? You're in the wrong industry!


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This is insane; cost of litigation

If you don't have time to read the whole thing, just look at the charts and read page 9.




Yes, but you are looking at growth in litigation relative to GDP. Look at the growth in lawyers on pg. 5. Per capita their incomes are definitely falling as there are simply too many law schools in the United States.

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I have met far too many lawyers who hate what they do.  For every lawyer you hear about who gets away with obscene fees, there are a dozen who are constantly trolling to get enough money to stay in the middle class. 


Then there are the poor saps at all the large law firms who work mega hours for middling paychecks in what ends up equating to minimum wage. 


Not my cup of tea, thats for sure.  Law school woild have put me into cardiac arrest. 

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