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OT: Help with Google Finance on I-Phone


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Anyone use a "google finance" app on the i-phone?


I am able to use google finance without an app BUT I can only get one of my portfolio's of tickers to load.  The rest of my separately created portfolio's won't load.


Anyone have any advice -- it would be much appreciated. 

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Yeah -- I am signed in and my account shows up.  But, I have multiple portfolios of tickers -- you know -- like one portfolio is called: "Energy", another is called "Retail", etc., etc.


So, when I use google finance on the iphone, I can see my first portfolio called Energy and I can see all the tickers included in that portfolio. 


The rest of my portfolios appear but the tickers don't load so I just see the portfolio names -- like "Retail" but I can't get any of the tickers in that portfolio to show up.  I've tried doing a hard reset, I've tried talking with Apple -- so far, no solution.


I'm wondering if others have this problem and if so, whether they use some kind of app?



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