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The Yen's Looming Day of Reckoning


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I think this is in the cards as well, but my view is that this won't be some sort of cataclysmic meltdown a lot of people seem to be hoping expecting.


Let's say the Yen drops 40% that would put it at 112 Yen/USD.  This would put the Yen right back where it was at the end of 2007 beginning of 2008.  This is also the same level it was for most of the last decade when the Japanese market sustained quite a rally.


Just trying to keep things in perspective.  My own perspective is this will be good for equities and a hedged foreign investor. 


Any easy hedging ideas for a retail investor?  Right now I purchased a call on the short yen ETF as a short term stop gap until I can figure out something a bit longer term.

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