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James Montier on Record High Profit Margins


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Here's more similar research on record high corporate profits.


Corporate Profits Are Still Strong

Nov. 22, 2011





The 2012 Earnings Outlook

Dec. 20, 2011





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Guest hellsten

You might enjoy the following Q&A with James Montier at European Investing Summit 2012:




We asked Montier to apply the seven immutable laws of investing to the Eurocrisis...


Thank you!


Always interesting to hear his views on behavioral finance and value investing:

I think the most important lesson from the entire field of behavioral finance is not to be overconfident.

The way I use behavioral finance is to really think about where I'm likely to make mistakes.

I worry far less about exploiting the mistakes of others, and far more about making sure that I have a sensible investment process.

An investment process that is robust to as many of the behavioral biases as I can manage.

The key lesson from the behavioral field is we're all human beings and we are all likely to make mistakes.

The best you can do is try and minimize the mistakes you personally are likely to make.

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