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AmazonLocals sells only today $10 gift cards at half intrinsic value

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I know, somebody might beat me up for posting this,  :-[ because it seems like an endorsement deal.

But since we all are value conscious investors and also bargain shoppers of investment books, I might get the attention of a few thrifty board members.  ;D


Article at USA Today:



I read accidentally yesterday while surfing the net, that amazon's new sister site "AmazonLocals"

offers only today, Tuesday, March 21, 2012, over a period of 24 hours, probably 1 to 1.5 million of "$10 Dollar - Amazon Gift Cards" for only half price. Someone only pays $5 for a face value of a $10 Amazon Gift Card. These cards can only be purchased at:



Everybody can login with their normal Amazon id. This "$10 Amazon Gift Card" can be purchased electronically with a credit card, and the redeem code comes some hour later by email. It can be credited to your normal US Amazon account balance and is valid unlimited in time to purchase books or other items on Amazon.com. Unfortunately only one code can be purchased per Amazon account.

I just got mine some hours ago. I will use it to get Tony Griffiths book at a bargain price. :P




Sanjeev might want to delete this message by tomorrow, after it has become outdated !  ::)

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Great deal! Does Amazon UK ever off those?


I'm an Amazoholic.  :'(




Every Amazon account holder worldwide can purchase this code in US-Dollars only, at the US AmazonLocals.com site, only today, and it's valid only to shop at the US Amazon.com site !!!

Just to make people aware, if somebody has an Amazon.com, uk, fr, it, ca, or de account at the worldwide Amazon branches, he or she can login with the same username and password at all the worldwide Amazon branches or vice versa. So somebody at the Italian Amazon.it can login at the British Amazon.uk. Or some American user from Amazon.com can also login at the French Amazon.fr site. I myself have shopped at the local branches often just to play arbitrage with the book prices,... ;D Occasionally an English language book is much more cheaper at one of the worldwide Amazon branche sites or at the worldwide Amazon MarketPlace PowerSellers, so I search for a certain book ISBN at a meta-search-engine to harvest the worldwide cheapest price.


Today's $10 Amazon Gift code could be purchased by somebody with an Amazon.uk account, but it can only be redeemed at the Amazon.com US site, with books that can be shipped worldwide,... so also to the UK.  -- Hope this helps.

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interesting idea. of course it isn't going to cost amazon $5 a card because lots of people won't use them. but the idea encourages people to register and use the site and buy something, likely for way more than $10. it's a promotion like any other. it's like offering a $ rebate.


I guess that mighty Amazon tries with it's new AmazonLocals.com site to compete with Groupon Inc.. Amazon has invested about $175 million in AmazonLocals. I guess that they now spend some money to push the user base up. Let's say 1 million sold Amazon Gift Cards @ $10 face value (=$10m face value), brings  them only $5m, the remaining other $5m might be put up out of the $175m budget to establish this new brand.




Anyway,... here I add the link of "BookButler.com" for the thrifty readers  ;)


BookButler.com is a meta search engine, that crawls and harvests worldwide all Amazon branches and also all Amazon PowerSellers worldwide for the cheapest available price for any specific book ISBN. It's like playing arbitrage for the lowest available book price. I'm addicted to this site, because it has reduced my yearly book expenses significantly. ;D  I probably now purchase more books.  ::) I feel like using house money.  8)


Here's a list of all online book shops that BookButler crawls.





It's almost 9pm EST.

The Amazon gift cards are now sold out. They just reached the 1 million mark.


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