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Favorite financial iPad Apps?


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So my iPad 3 is in the mail and I should be getting it Monday :)


I'm wondering what are the favorite financial/stock market apps of the people here?


I'm particularly thinking about a good one to keep track of a watchlist and look up individual stocks (preferrably with real-time info even for Canadian stocks), but anything else that you find useful I'd like to know about.



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Guest valueInv

StockTouch is one of my favorites, beautiful design.

WikiInvest is not bad either.


I would love for something more detailed like Gurufocus to be on the iPad.


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Guest Hester

Just got mine from UPS and is set up. I too would be interested in any financial (or other subject) apps for the iPad.

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My accounts are w/Fidelity, Etrade and Sharebuilder and for all of those I use the website on my ipad instead of their apps because I find the apps don't display things in the way I would like to see it.  I use wiki invest to view the aggregate of my accounts and their ipad and iphone apps are decent.


I have a Barron's print subscription that includes access through their app and I really enjoy reading Barrons through the app and find myself using it more than the print version. Although the app can be frustrating because sometimes in the middle of a multipage article I will accidentally touch something that takes me to a different section and I have to navigate back to the page I was on.


If you are SiriusXM subscriber for an additional fee you can stream sat radio to you ipad/iphone, can be handy if you want to listen to CNBC or Bloomberg.

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