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Mohnish Gives Back!


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I think the most valuable thing Buffett does with his notoriety is inspire others.  Take a look at Mohnish, who was a successful entrepreneur, but started the Pabrai Funds and grew it to nearly $600M at one point.  He then started his own foundation to help underprivileged, but talented students, in India to increase their odds of getting IIT placement. 


Dakshana just put out a press release that shows the enormous success they've had in their first year helping these students, and I'm sure they will help many thousands more over time.  But each of these students will go on, and many of them will somehow give back because of the help Mohnish gave them.  That's probably the most important lesson Buffett has provided...giving back of one's wealth and more importantly one's time, and seeing that success passed on.  Congratulations Mohnish and to your staff at Dakshana!  Cheers!





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