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Jean-Francois Tardif Retiring From Sprott


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Intriguing - is there more to it than meets the eye? It would be a shame if he were truly retiring because he is really good and will be a loss to the investment community. It had struck me as odd at the time of the Sprott IPO that JF was not appointed to the board when Peter Hodson and Allen Jacobs, who joined Sprott later, were.


I had actually asked Eric Sprott at their AGM earlier this month whether there were any potential issues with managers leaving Sprott (but I was thinking more of their recent hires, Allen Jacobs and Charles Oliver who have not had too much success in ramping up their fund sizes partly because of performance issues). He gave an answer which I thought was kind of evasive initially but he did end up saying that it was not something that kept him awake at night.


Digressing a bit, does anyone here know what happened to Jeff Vinik (of Fidelity Magellan fame, or should I say, infamy) who decided to (really) retire after a few highly successful years of running the Vinik Fund (after being ousted from Fidelity) during which he returned something like 35-40% p.a.?

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Guest Broxburnboy

JF is a great mutual fund manager. His Sprott Opportunities fund has managed to preserve its unit value over the last 18 months because JF correctly predicted this bear phase, and hedged accordingly. In these times, it takes a lot of talent to correctly analyze trends and hedge accordingly. When the tide went out, Jf was revealed fully clothed.

I don't know why he is retiring at such a young age, but the optics point towards and amicable parting.

Could it be that he wants to enjoy life and leave the management of other people's money to someone else?



JF's last interview on BNN:



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