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BDI - This ain't pretty


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Guest misterstockwell

That's a blast from the past--that gets zero press these days. Somehow it will be construed as good for BAC  ;D

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I think we are starting to see the end of the secular commodity cycle, which should gradually shift toward a secular bull market in equities.  This should be very beneficial to BAC  :D


Actually, I am serious about the cycle shift. 


Love the chart.  Now, what basket of goods would you use to normalize it.  Seashells, and papyrus... or IPads and HDTV.... or perhaps something more middleagey such as whale oil lamps, and guillotines... or perhaps something roman such as togas, and sacrificial lambs blood. 

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Need help on the following.

Does anyone know how to actually calculate the shipping rate from the BDI?

For example,

According to this site:



It costs about 6$ USD to ship from Western Australia to China (Qingdao Port).


It also costs about 2644$ for a capesize http://www.dryships.com/pages/report.asp


Is there a way to decipher what does 2644$ actually include? How many tons shipping?

How do I know how much time it takes between two ports? etc....


Many thanks,


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