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Book/Manual/Guide for the London AIM?


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I'm looking for something like the S&P Manual for the London AIM.  Basically a physical book that has a short summary and some summary financials for the shares that trade on the AIM.  I know S&P makes these for the US, someone had posted one for the Japanese market a few months back so I have to assume something similar exists for the AIM.


There are a few publications on their own website but most are focused on growth companies and information for companies that want to list.


My intent is to page through and then do further research on anything that looks interesting.  I realize I could use a screener but often I've found stocks that are really interesting don't screen that well, or won't turn up on any specific screens I've run.  The best way (unfortunately) to find stocks is just brute force, as Warren Buffett says start with the A's.



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Fidelity has AIM investing, they allow it online as well.  As a test I just pulled up two quotes from the AIM website the top risers for the day and got back quotes on both. 


I attached the screenshot of my quote.  The one caveat is that Fidelity doesn't allow orders that extend past one day and some AIM stocks are very illiquid so a GTC order is impossible you have to place the order each day until you get a fill.


The price to trade is £8.95 plus stamp tax.


Just another note if you want to trade a $50k or larger order Fidelity can trade any market in the world directly with a broker.  The fee is $132 which is pretty reasonable all things considered.


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Found this blog (via valueandopportunity.com) for AIM-listed stocks (http://investingsidekick.com/).


He seems to be going through them a few at a time with his AIM Investment Trust Project.

The main page (http://investingsidekick.com/aim-project/) also lists rough NAVs and discounts for all the stocks he covers.


More on AIM stocks here from the Joyful Investor (http://thejoyfulinvestor.blogspot.co.uk/), if you scroll down the archive on the right.



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I don't think such a book exists.


However you can get a list of all AIM stocks from the London Stock Exchange website here:-




If you are looking at AIM stocks you will soon come across rule 26. This rule states that all companies on AIM must have a website and that website must include certain information of interest to investors. This includes a description of the business, the number of shares in issue and the most recent financial report.


Most companies on AIM seem to be in compliance with this rule and often have a "rule 26" link on their investor relations page or home page.


So while this isn't as convenient as having the information in one book you can find out the information you want from a combination of the LSE and the companies themselves.

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I was wondering the same thing a while back.  I did some searching and found nothing.


Maybe this can be your next project, Nate.  I'd be willing to help for free.  Of course I have zero IT skills so you might say that you are getting what you are paying for on that one.  But if you'd like to put together a team of people to cut and paste financial data and business descriptions I'd be willing to help.

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