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Daniel Kahneman spoke at the Legg Mason TLF recently.  (Click under his name on transcript)



There seems to be one pretty interesting speaker a year. 

2007 Steven Crist (from the daily racing form).  I found a link somewhere to his talk about probabilities etc. at the 2007 forum and loved it.  He explains why you never bet on the favourite and why you look for mis-pricings on the line, similar to investing.  Crist's talk is what made my put, Thought Leader Forum, in a Google alert so I don't miss when the forum transcripts are up on the LM website each year.


2010  Thomas D. Seeley Professor, Chairman of the Department of Neurobiology & Behavior, Cornell University


No TLF in 2009 since the world as they knew it was ending.  ;D


2008 Dan Ariely


2006 Two that look interesting, Robert Sapolsky, Professor of Biology and Neurology Stanford University

"Stress and its Impact on Behavior and Decision Making"

Elke U. Weber, Professor of Psychology Columbia Business School

"The Determinants of Risk-Taking"


2005 Susan Decker, CFO Yahoo! on where the company would be in 10 years.  (I haven't read it but I wonder if she foresaw what is going on today with Yang and the gang, possible merger or being taken over.)


2004 James Surowiecki, author of The Wisdom of Crowds. 

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