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An Heir Who Is Doing An Admirable Job!


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Not too many times you see the children of entrepreneurs take over the family business and continue to improve and compete.  Galen G. Weston took over at the helm of Canada's largest grocery chain, Loblaws, and has done a terrific job of trying to compete with big-box U.S. chains that have invaded and continue to invade Canada. 


He took over from his father, who took over from his father, and each generation has done a good job of remaining competitive and reinventing the brand.  The present Weston in charge, has also made himself into a very affable commercial figure who represents his brand exceedingly well...maybe something Sardar could learn from!  Anyway, they just opened their new flagship store in Toronto in the old Maple Leaf Gardens.  Cheers!



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Absolutely. A bit like the notion to always surround yourself with people smarter than yourself.



Leighton's Ten Golden Rules of Business:[10]

1) Keep it simple

2) Focus on execution

3) Listen to your operators

4) Think small. Small is big

5) Less often is more

6) Your people come first

7) Think like a customer

8) If in doubt, do the right thing....

9) ....but then do things right

10) Remember, EGO stands for "edging good out"


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